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Sowbhagya Organic Manure is well-decomposed organic manure reinforced with a blend of organic nutrient cakes such as Neem, Pongamia, and Castor, bio fertilizers for improved crop protection and productivity.

Active Ingredients:

The major active ingredients of this product are Amino acids -2% other organic substances 3-4% & organic matter up to 15%

1Moisture content, by weight maximum10%
2Particle size(Min 90% pass through)4 mm IS Sieve
3Bulk density(g/cm3)<1
4Organic carbon, percent by weight minimum14%
5Total Nitrogen (as N),Percent by weight minimum2.0 %
6Total phosphate (as P2O5), percent by weight minimum2.0 %
7Total potash (as K2O)2.0 %
8NPK nutrients – Total NPK should not less than 3% 
9C:N ratio<20


  • Improves the soil structure and aeration of the soil, especially in sandy and clay soils.
  • Increases availability of soil nutrients and improves soil water holding capacity.
  • Provides stable humus to the soil and stimulates CO2 sequestration.
  • Improves Root proliferation
  • Retain the water soluble nutrients in root zone and release them to plant when needed.
  • Improves the growth of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR).

Dosage: 50 kgs/acre (soil application)

Recommended crops:   All field crops, vegetables, and horticultural crops are recommended.


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