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(Classified under Protein Hydrolysate/Amino acids (12%), F – I Category)

An unique & innovative Bio-Stimulant, derived by fermentation of plant carbohydrates, enriched with plant proteins/ Amino acids which is certified as organic by Nationally and Internationally recognized agency.

This product has been further enriched with metabolically active organic Potash in the form of Potassium Gluconates/Lactates. To improve overall growth and development of the plants specifically to improve the quality of produce.

Active Ingredients:

The major active ingredients of this product are Amino acids to the extent of12%, Potassium Gluconates/Lactates around 10 % together with organic matter content of 15 %.


  • Activated potash promotes photosynthesis, resulting in formation of carbohydrates, oil, fats and proteins.
  • Potash activates more than 60 enzymes directly or indirectly involved in all major Plant Growth Promoters.
  • Potash is essential for efficient biological Nitrogen Fixation.
  • Potash reduces respiration, preventing energy losses.
  • Potash enhances translocation of sugars and starch.
  • Potash produces grain rich in starch.
  • Increases root growth and improve drought resistance.
  • Maintains turgor; reduces water loss and wilting.
  • Improves quality of crop and prolong shelf life of crop produce.

Dosage:  Recommended application of the product is @ 500ml/acre/spray after dilution of the product @ 3.0 – 4.0 ml/litre of water.

This product is in the liquid form and used for Foliar Application & Drip Irrigation.

Recommended crops:  Recommended for all crops to take care of potash requirement in the effective manner.

Shelflife: 3 years


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