Neo Alpha

Recommended for all crops


(Classified under Protein Hydrolysate/Amino acids (9%), F – I Category)

An unique & innovative Bio-Stimulant, derived by fermentation of plant carbohydrates, enriched with plant proteins/ Amino acids which is certified as organic by Nationally and Internationally recognized agency.

An exceptional organic fertilizer fortified with Sea weed, Humic acid, Amino acids.To improve overall growth and development of the plants specifically to improve the quality of produce.

Active Ingredients:

The major contents of this product are Protein Hydrolysate/ Amino acid will be around 9% and other metabolically active organic compounds are around 10 -15% we maintain organic matter around 20%


  • Improves Fertilizer Use Efficiency (FUE), better and faster nutrient absorption.
  • Improves resistance of plants to frost and disease.
  • Increases uptake of nutrients from the soil.
  • Activates seed germination, root and shoot growth.
  • Aids in the storage and transport of plant hormones.
  • Metabolic pathways in the plant are accelerated.
  • Increases resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Dosage:  Recommended application of the product is @ 500ml/acre/spray after dilution of the product @ 3.0 – 4.0 ml/liter of water.

This product is in the liquid form and used for Foliar Application & Drip Irrigation.

Recommended crops:  Recommended for all crops

Shelflife: 3 years


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